The Bridge at Highland Celebrates Local Heroes and the Freedom Our Country Has Because of Them

Portland TN Nursing Home Celebrates Local Heros
Photographs: Jackie Denton,  andActivities Department; Article: Michael Bushey, Director of Spirituality

As the sun set, distant lightning could be seen in the July evening sky. Twenty-six eager residents accompanied by family members, visitors, volunteers, and staff gathered in the facilities east facing courtyard enjoying fresh cantaloupe, watermelon, and ice cream, waiting for the fireworks to begin. Some watched from their cars parked in a nearby field.

From the tennis court located above the facility, a patriotic playlist of music played on a portable stereo as four pyro-techs (two employees, two volunteers) stood behind a custom built launch table with a back lit American flag hanging beneath.

The display began slow, lasting forty minutes and ending in an impressive finale. Onlookers clapped and cheered while cars honked horns and flashed headlights.

Many of the residents say the evening’s display is the best they have ever seen. They wish to give a big thanks to those who donated fireworks.

Thank-you to Jody McDowell and Joey Rush, “Bad Boy’s Fireworks”; Jeff Christian, “Real Deal Fireworks”; Jimmy and Gretchen Scott, “Scott’s Fireworks”; and Ernest and Phyllis Richmond, “Susie’s Fireworks”.