Lifting Up Voices of Faith for National Day of Prayer 2016

Since May 2011, The National Day of Prayer has been a special day for the Bridge at Highland, a time for celebrating the diverse faith traditions of our elders, family members, and stakeholders. We encourage them to honor their beliefs and respect the faith traditions of others by embracing our spiritual tenant–Pray Your Way–a celebration of individual freedom to choose worship participation.

We understand prayer is very personal and we are also aware of the rich blessings–even miracles–that can happen through collective prayer.

Faith, hope, and love–the greatest of these–are the medicines we seek to employ to bind up brokenness, sooth distress, and bring true healing.

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August 2015 Church Outing – Strong Tower of Westmoreland, TN

Today I  took four elders and my kids to  Strong Tower Church in Westmoreland, TN. We were blessed to hear Pastor David Mitchell’s message about prayer from Daniel Chapter 10.   The praise music was uplifting as well.  I am looking forward to joining Landon Sartin and the rest of the band on an upcoming Thursday night to jam and possibly play for church the following Sunday. This is our second time visiting Strong Tower and we can’t wait to go back for more.  A bonus blessing was being able to worship with Bridge at Highland stakeholders and friends – Sarah Peery, Laura Gerhardt Johns and Lacey Scott.  This is not work.  This is a blessing!

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God Rigged the Game

God Rigged the Game

But you are holy, O you that inhabit the praises of Israel. Psalm 22:3

Do you ever get the distinct impression that things are being orchestrated by God in your life?  I do.  And now, so do several of our Elders and Stakeholders at the Bridge at Highland.

Here’s what happened.  Not long ago we were playing a sharing game during our weekly Bible study.  I had a wheel we had rigged that would spin like a Wheel of Fortune.  It was painted in black chalkboard paint, and I had the numbers 1, 2, or 3, drawn in each space around the wheel.  I had given each number an assignment: 1. SONG: Share or sing a favorite hymn or worship song 2. TESTIMONY Share a testimony of what God has done for you, and 3. WORD Answer a Bible trivia question, such as, “what are the first three words of the Bible?”

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Bridge at Highland Participates in Portland’s National Day of Prayer Breakfast 2015

2015 marks the third year of The Bridge at Highland participating in Portland, TN, National Day of Prayer.  Emma and David (featured in images below) have attended each time we have gone.  This year my wife Sarah and I had the privilege of playing and singing music for the opening of the service.  Another privilege was for our Chef Joe Perdue and his cook Dale Gregory to prepare and serve food for nearly 400 people!  We can’t wait for NDOP 2016!

Revive Us Again

Our spirits were revived as we sang songs of praise to God and feasted on the Bread of Life.

Topic: The Compassion of Jesus (Matthew 9:35-38)

Our Commitment:  Lord, we allow you to use us to share your Good News to everyone, everywhere.   God we want to relieve suffering and promote healing.  We know that there are more who need help than those available to help; God please send more help!

Jackson Family 25 Year Tradition!

For 25 years Sharon Jackson and her family have been visiting elders at The Bridge at Highland. “We bring jelly bean Dixie Baskets on  Easter and little stuffed animals on Christmas, it’s a family thing that we have done for years”, said Jackson’s daughter Cindy.  Quoting her mother, Cindy said “Ask mamma and she’ll tell you ‘I love doing anything for my God.'”

Thank you Jackson family. Our Elders Appreciate you and we do too!


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The Power of Music: “Jesus, There’s Something About That Name”

Except for the occasional “yes”, “nope” or “whoa!”, Mr. Rigsbee has not been able to speak for several years. But miraculously, in recent weeks, his vocabulary suddenly revived in a surprising way. During a recent worship service, one of our awesome Quality of Life team members, Maddie Palma, had a most unusual experience with him. She got close to him, took his hands and smiled while she sang a treasured hymn; “Jesus, Something About That Name”!

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“We Want to hear ‘I’m Walking With Jesus'”

For the second time during the same setting, one of our elders made the request to the E J Rider Band, “I want to hear ‘Walking With Jesus’ again”, and they obliged.  There is something special about this song that has our Elders requesting it time and time again. Thank you E.J. Rider Band!

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Bible Trivia Wheel of Fortune

Will it be “1”, “2” or “3”? The wheel spins and our elders either “1” name a song they would like to hear us sing, “2” share a testimony or “3” answer a Bible trivia question. Lots of fun!