Brother Donnie Stanley Brings The Bridge at Highland A Heart Warming MLK Memorial Program

Brother Donnie Stanley says he is not a preacher or a pastor, as many expect him to be once they have heard him speak.  He lives and works from his home here in Portland, Tennessee as a consultant for LG.  Title or no title, both residents and stakeholders will confirm that Donnie has been called by the Lord to be an minister of encouragement.

Brother Donnie shared a number of beautiful spiritual songs and gave a wonderful presentation on “The Gift of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”  Brother Donnie kept everyone’s attention and at times managed to pull tears  even out of the toughest of us.  Upon hearing Brother Donnie speak, resident Tommy P. said to me,  “That man Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream.  I reckon me and you and all of us are that dream.”   Brother Donnie challenged each of us to “dream the dream and be the dream.”

Brother Donnie, we accept your challenge and can’t wait to have you back!