Memorial Day for The Bridge at Highland Veterans

Memorial Day 2014 will always be especially memorable for the eight Seniors at The Bridge at Highland who have proudly served our Armed Forces with courage and honor.

The morning of May 26th our Seniors were awakened and prepared to participate in a special Memorial Day program on the grounds behind the Portland Public Library, wherein they would be recognized for their invaluable service to our country.

These eight veterans received VIP treatment – and deservedly so – as the facility van they were riding on would be escorted downtown by 18 motorcyclists from the American Legion Riders, Post 75.

As the bikers surrounded the front and rear of the van revving their engines, one of the women on board began to shed tears as she could hardly believe that this was being done for her husband. Behind and beside the van, police cars were speeding ahead to stop traffic, so the van and bikers would have clear passage on the road ahead of them.

While the names of all distinguished veterans in attendance were being called there was applause, standing ovations, smiles, and tears, all as a heartfelt show of gratitude on a very hot and humid Monday morning.

After the ceremony was done, many that were in the audience made their way through the crowd to personally congratulate, thank, and take pictures with our veterans again and again which made them feel genuinely appreciated and valued.

To all those who read this post, let us never forget the debt of gratitude we owe to these fine men and women we now serve proudly and honorably as they have done on our behalf in the past.

May God bless our Veterans, may God bless You, and may God bless America!

 – Angela Bell, Quality of Life Director