The Night The Carnival Came To Town

carnival 2014 001

There was no shortage of smiles, laughter, shouts of excitement, and in general complete delight with what was going on all around the evening of May 7th, as seven of our Bridge At Highland Seniors were thoroughly engaged and entertained at the annual appearance of the Carnival here in Portland.

Outside the walls of the nursing home, it was awe inspiring to see each of these Seniors in some way energized and transformed in an environment perfectly suited to sustain such an amazing change.

Family members that attended the Carnival had nothing but positive words to say about the experience, and were absolutely thrilled to see firsthand the effects the Carnival type atmosphere had on their loved ones.

The seven Staff persons working that evening were also amazed at how enthusiastic and eager the Seniors were to keep things moving throughout the night.

Fear was clearly not a factor for many of our Seniors, as each one got on rides that Staff assumed they would not dare try because of height and speed concerns, but again to their surprise not even height and speed would prevent them from taking part in anything.

Although it has been said, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” no picture taken or video filmed can fully express or completely capture the energy and emotions that filled the hearts of all those who joined in the fun the night the Carnival came to town.