COCO Visits Our Bridge!

Why does Coco like to visit? To help with the following things!

Depression: A study in a veteran’s home indicates that pet therapy makes a positive affect in this matter. This was a controlled test, with exams done before, during and after pet therapy was initiated. The group who had this form of therapy were much better off due to the pets.

Dementia: Therapy animals can be quite useful in decreasing agitation in dementia patients. They also increase physical activity and food intake. Many patients find a great deal of pleasure in visiting with the animal and its owner. In this case, the dogs are often trained to do tricks for the amusement of the patients.

Pain: This study involves cancer patients, but it can go across the board. Having a supportive therapy animal can help reduce pain and the need for strong pain killers. They also seem to help reduce fear and anxiety; something cancer definitely increases.

Loneliness: The study done on this indicates that there are greater benefits for elders who had pets during their lifetime. However, in a long term care facility, even those who did not have a pet background received some benefits from a pet visit.